3 Easy Custom Car Jobs You Can Do at Home

Customizing your car can take a lot of work and, in most cases, a lot of money. While some jobs will require professional help, others are inexpensive and can be completed easily. Here are three custom jobs you can do at home that adds new flair to your car.


You can use pretty much any online—or storefront—vinyl shop to get a cool graphic or series of graphics for your car. Think about your design, draw it up (or find one online), measure the space you want it to take up, and then take it to a vinyl print shop. Doing this yourself saves money on labor and allows you to spend a little more quality time with your vehicle.


Neon lights aren’t that hard to install and can be relatively inexpensive. You’ll find car-ready neon light bars or LED light strips at most common auto parts stores—like Auto Zone—or online. A strip of LED lights can go for as little as $20 on eBay and can cover the whole operation. Arm yourself with a soldering tool and some epoxy and you can easily attach the lights to the bottom of your car yourself. With a little guidance on how to hook up the lights to the car’s electrical system and you’re good to go.

Plasti Dip

Getting a new coat of paint on your car has always been way overpriced—thousands of dollars spent to switch out an old color for new. Now, it’s actually really feasible to get a new look for a cheap price. With Plasti Dip, you can spray your whole car (depending on the car size) with a new, fresh color for under $400. Plasti Dip is a rubber-based paint that hardens and then, get this, peels off when you grow tired of it. Simply put, this stuff can take an old, rusty, chipped car and make it look new again all for a low price. Plasti Dip sells car kits that come with a full sprayer designed to apply even coats, or you can purchase individual can of the paint. The best part about this stuff is that it peels right off when you’ve had enough of it. A current trend is to apply Plasti Dip over the name and emblem of a car to give it a little personalization.

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