New Green Car Materials

Every year, new models look different and drive a little differently, and while much of that is due to design updates, a big part comes from the materials used in making the vehicle. New materials can affect everything from performance to efficiency to safety. Forget About Steel, Use Aluminum Because it’s much lighter than steel, […]

Looking at the Ford Atlas Concept

There’s nothing more exciting than a new car in the making. When a manufacturer announces a new model is in the works, you may head online to find out more. Rumors start swirling. You keep clicking around, hoping for more information. This could be the perfect car for you! And ever since Ford announced the […]

Ford Atlas Concept Interview with Marc Lapine

Something stole a bit of the thunder from the 2014 Corvette Stingray at the Detroit Auto Show, and that something was an 88 inch wide Ford truck descending from the ceiling. The Ford Atlas Concept is just that, a concept, not meant for production.  But really it’s many concepts.  Ford asked consumers what they wanted […]

What’s New with the Ford F-150?

The F-150 is a truck with a legacy. It’s one of the best selling vehicles in the Ford lineup, and the best selling truck in the world for 36 consecutive years. So when Ford decides they’re going to revamp it, you know it’s for good reason. There are some great things in store for the […]