Why OEM Parts Are the Best

 If you’ve ever needed to buy a car part for your vehicle, then you know you often have hundreds of choices. Besides that, you have to choose from dozens of places to buy the parts—both online and in-store—and then there are plenty of different companies that make car parts. One thing you should look for, unless you’re making your car custom, is OEM parts. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means you’d buy a part made by the same company that manufactured the parts for the automaker in the first place. OEM parts keep your vehicle consistent.


What Makes OEM Parts Better

Put simply, OEM parts work. The OEM part that you put in your car is identical to the one that you’re replacing. Because of that, you know it’s going to fit, and it’s going to work the way the designers and engineers intended for it to work.


Why You Should Buy OEM

OEM parts will ensure that your car functions as intended, and this is extremely important for the overall maintenance and life of your car, especially if you have a warranty on your vehicle. While dealerships technically cannot void your warranty due to aftermarket parts, if the aftermarket part cause the need for repairs, then the warranty may be voided. If the cause for the repair is unknown, and you have aftermarket parts on the car, some dealers will attribute the cause to the aftermarket parts, thus voiding the warranty. This can cost you hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars. Be smart, and at least try to stay away from aftermarket parts until your warranty is up so there are no discrepancies when it comes to repairs. Also, make sure to read your warranty closely so that you know what else can void your warranty.


Where to Get OEM Parts

Many auto shops and garages in Indiana will carry aftermarket parts, and you can buy OEM car parts online. While those two options will get the job done, going to the dealership is usually the best choice. Dealerships will always have OEMs on hand, and while they might not have the exact part you need, they’ll be able to order what you need and have it installed correctly. Need OEM car parts in Indianapolis? Hubler’s parts department will be able to get you the OEMs you need for your vehicle. Whether it’s OEM interior car parts or OEM car body parts, Hubler has you covered.

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