2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Fuel Functions

Located in the instrument cluster, this gauge indicates the approximate fuel level in the tank. This light comes on when the fuel level is low. Refuel as soon as practical. You’ll see an arrow next to the fuel pump icon that indicates on which side of your vehicle the fuel-filler door is located.

To open the fuel-filler door, pull the fuel-filler door release then exit the vehicle and pull the lid open.

To remove the cap, turn counterclockwise. Loop the tether strap around the hook on the fuel filler door while you are refueling.

After fueling, turn the cap clockwise until a single click is heard, indicating that it is locked in place. Then close the fuel-filler door securely. Failure to properly tighten the fuel-filler cap may cause the LOOSE FUEL CAP warning message to appear. If this occurs:
• Exit the vehicle and reinsert the fuel-filler cap straight into the fuel-filler tube.
• Turn the fuel-filler cap clockwise and tighten until a single click is heard.
• Now, press the RESET button for more than one second to turn the LOOSE FUEL CAP warning message OFF.

Failure to tighten the fuel-filler cap after the Loose Fuel Cap warning message is displayed may cause the Malfunction Indicator Light to illuminate. If you have taken the appropriate steps and the indicator light does not turn off, please see your Nissan dealer for further assistance.

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