Alternative Fuels

Feel like the oil industry has a monopoly on the fuel you put into your car? Well, they kind of do, but technology and research are advancing to the point where more alternative fuels may become readily available and more viable options in the near future. Right now, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to […]

Ford EcoBoost Event

Last month, we got a chance to check out the Ford EcoBoost Challenge on the last stop of their tour. Designed to give consumers an unbiased look at how Ford’s offerings stack up against their closest competitors, the challenge gave us some real insight into Ford’s plans for their hybrids, their performance line, and their […]

Goodbye SUVs, Hello CUVs

Sport utility vehicles have become a lot tamer recently, losing some of the qualities that make up the vehicle’s acronym. This comes as a result of more families choosing to buy SUVs instead of minivans. Once car makers realized who was buying SUVs, they started catering to their needs. Nowadays, if you want a sporty […]

Leasing a Car: Good or Bad Decision?

Everyone has a different financial and personal situation, so not everyone should make the same decisions when looking for a new vehicle. Leasing a vehicle can be a great way to get the right vehicle at the right price, but there are situations where it makes more sense to buy instead. Before you lease or […]

What Are Customer and Dealer Incentives?

For the most part, car prices are steady regardless of where you go to buy. If you’ve already got a specific car with specific features in mind, it’ll probably cost around the same amount at two separate dealerships. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t make a difference where you buy your car. Special deals and […]

The Best Crossovers

Although minivans and SUVs still sell well, many people are now interested in crossover vehicles. These are vehicles that combine all the good things of several different vehicle types. They have the mileage of a sedan, mixed with the roominess of a minivan, and the rugged utility of an SUV. Crossovers are for people who […]

Why Is Towing Capacity Important?

You’ll never see a Camaro towing a boat down the road. If you ever tow anything, you know that without the right vehicle, you’re going to have a difficult time. The right vehicle with the right towing capacity for the job means that you’ll be able to brake, accelerate, and maneuver properly on the road. […]

Why Do Minivans Still Exist?

Large four-door sedans, practical SUVs, crossovers—the popularity of these vehicles is leaving a lot of us with a simple question: why do minivans even exist? They’re just big gas-guzzlers for soccer moms anyway, right? Wrong. While minivans are becoming scarcer in the auto industry, a few models are hanging in there among the new family-oriented […]

Selling Your Car Back to the Dealer

The time has come: your car or truck is on its last legs, and you have to decide what to do. If you don’t want the hassle of selling your vehicle yourself, you can sell it to a dealership; they want your car. If you decide to go this route, you want to make sure […]

Best New Small Cars on a Budget

It’s no secret: it’s a struggle to find practical, stylish cars at an affordable price. However, finding this ideal combination is no longer as hard as it once was. Car manufacturers have caught on to the fact that budget cars that handle well and get good gas mileage sell very well. In response, they’re now […]