2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Instrument Brightness Control and Trip Odometer

Your instrument panel lights up whenever the ignition is ON and the parking lights or the headlights are ON. This control at the bottom of your speedometer adjusts the brightness of your instrument panel lights. Press it to adjust the brightness of your instrument panel lights to the desired level for night driving. Each press of this switch will decrease the brightness one level until the lights are off completely and then will turn them back on to full brightness setting.

This button operates as the CHANGE button for the trip odometer. Each press will change the display through these settings: Odometer, Trip A, Trip B, Instant Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption, Distance To Empty (DTE), Outside Temperature and back to Odometer. Press and hold the button for more than three seconds to reset the selected trip odometer, instant fuel consumption or the average fuel consumption.

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