2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Map Button (if so equipped)

Your Navigation System contains precise mapping of many major cities and roads to keep you on track. Once you’ve chosen a destination, the system calculates a route, with time and distance to your destination provided instantly. Your position is constantly updated and guidance provided.

To access a particular map view, press the MENU button and then touch the “Settings” key, then the “Navigation” key, then the “Map Settings” key. Touch “Map View” to toggle between the “2D” and “3D” view formats. The 2D view shows a map in the 2-dimensional form that is similar to a road map. The 3D view displays a map in a 3-dimensional or elevated perspective.

The map view can also be switched by touching the compass icon on the map screen.

Touch the Map screen once to activate map scrolling. Then touch the screen again to drag your finger in the direction you want to move. To return to the current vehicle location, select the MAP or BACK button.

To view the map in greater detail, select “Zoom In” until you achieve the desired setting. To view a wider area, select “Zoom Out.” If you select and hold the Zoom keys in either direction, you’ll get continuously closer or farther away map views.

Your vehicle’s Navigation System comes with an SD-card that contains map data. The card slot is located on the front of the unit. Please see the Navigation System Owner’s Manual for further information and instructions regarding your SD-card.

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