2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Power Windows

Both windows can be operated from the driver’s side control panel. To open a window, push DOWN and release on the appropriate switch. To close, pull UP and release. To stop the opening or closing at any point, push the switch in the opposite direction.

The passenger side window has its own control switch located on the door side panel.

The Power Window Lockout feature prevents passengers such as small children from accidentally opening windows. When the WINDOW LOCK button is depressed, only the driver’s side window can be opened or closed. Press the button again to cancel the window lock feature.

When the ignition is turned OFF, power to the windows continues for a period of time. If either door is opened within that period of time, power to the windows is cancelled.

If the power window automatic function (closing only) does not operate properly, perform the following procedure to initialize the power window system.
1. Place the ignition switch in the ON position.
2. Open the window more than halfway by operating the power window switch.
3. Pull up and hold the window switch to close the window, and then hold the switch for more than 3 seconds after the window is closed completely.
4. Release the power window switch.
5. Operate the window by automatic function to confirm the initialization is complete.
If it doesn’t operate normally, see your Nissan dealer for service.

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