Custom Automotive Electronics and Gadgets

Many cars now have technology in them that allows you to customize your driving experience, but even those cars are limited to the equipment that’s installed in them, and there are still thousands of vehicles out there without any customizable electronics. If you’re without any customizable electronics, or are unhappy with the ones that came with your car, here are some options that you can add.

Custom Stereo Systems

Music and vehicles often go together. That perfect song playing in your car as you cruise down the highway can be a magical thing, but if you have a bad stereo system, or a stereo system you don’t like, you might not enjoy the experience as much as you could. Not only is it about finding the system that will pump out your tunes at the right volume, it’s about intuitive controls and voice activated commands. You don’t have to settle for what’s already installed in your vehicle. Find the right stereo for you.

Additional Interior Lighting

Interior lighting might not seem all that important, but have you ever dropped something on the floor of your car at night? There aren’t many lights down there. And what about if you park at a romantic spot to hang out for a bit? Are you going to sit with that obnoxious overhead light on, or are you going to sit in the dark? How about neither. Custom lighting can be helpful, or just plain cool.

Make Your Car Smart

Beyond a stereo system and interior lighting, you can install custom security systems, remote starters, keyless entry, touchscreen navigation, internet connectivity, and more. While all of this stuff is great, if you install it all without integrating everything, you’re going to have some problems. One great way to connect everything is to use your smartphone. Make sure that you install electronics that have the capability to connect to your phone, and then use any, or many, of the hundreds of apps out there for automotive control. Good apps include Vlingo, Text’ndrive, Dashboard, Snarl Traffic, Tunein Radio, Car Audio Deck, Car Tools, and DashCommand.


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