Useful Gadgets For Your Vehicle

Malibu interior phone connectThese days, we rely on new apps and gadgets to make life a little easier. When it comes to our vehicles, it isn’t any different. There are so many gadgets and tools floating about today that make driving your car not only easier, but safer as well. Of course, the gadget that some people use most in their car is their phone. Calling and texting while driving is dangerous; so put the phone on silent. If you have to answer the phone, pull over to the side of the road to take your call or use some of the gadgets listed below to make driving and talking safer. The other gadgets and kits prove, time and again, to be handy for anyone.

  1. Phone Mount. You should never hold and operate your phone while driving. Instead, you can select from a wide variety of phone holders that fit inside your cup holders or suction onto your windshield. These are designed to display your phone for you while you drive. Using a phone mount allows both hands to focus on the wheel while you accept and make phone calls from your standing device. Just make sure the speaker option is on so you can keep both hands on the wheel.
  2. Bluetooth Headsets. Even if you have a phone mount, sometimes conversations on the speaker can be fuzzy. Bluetooth headsets will allow you to get the up-close phone conversation without having to hold your phone to your ear. Some headsets even allow you to utilize voice recognition to operate your phone. This makes making phone calls, text messaging, and using applications easier and, more importantly, safer.
  3. Vehicle Diagnostics Kit. These kits can tell you exactly what is happening when your car’s check engine light ominously glows on. Of course, no matter what, you should take your car into your mechanic shop as soon as possible. However, you can hook up a vehicle diagnostics kit to your car’s computerized diagnostics circuitry and get a play-by-play on possible problems. Why are these kits great for your car? You can find out what is wrong with your vehicle right when it happens. The kit will diagnose the problem and offer possible solutions and suggest parts that may need to be ordered. Because the kit is able to communicate the urgency of a problem, you will know which issues with you car will need to be addressed immediately and which can wait a few days.
  4. Remote Starter. Remote starters will start your car from a distance with a click of a button. These are great for winter months when you want to get the car warmed up before you take off in the morning. Some remote starters come with a cold start feature that allows you to set temperatures and de-ice your windshields before driving.
  5. Jumpstart Kit. Car batteries die from time to time, and you should anticipate this happening. Of course, you should already be carrying jumper cables in your trunk, but sometimes finding someone to help jump your car can be difficult. Jumpstart kits supply both the cables and the juice it takes to give your battery life again.

What are some cool gadgets you use in your vehicle? Share in the comments section below to get a conversation going!

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