Hubler’s Auto Outlet: The Place for Used Cars

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to buy a new car or a used car. Luckily, Hubler has perks that come with both. And their Auto Outlet has plenty of used cars to choose from that won’t kill your wallet or die when you pull out of the lot.


One of the main benefits of buying a used car is the price. At the Auto Outlet, there are hundreds of vehicles under $10,000. So, come walk around the lot to see our array of well-priced vehicles. It might be a lot of fun to picture yourself in a classy Chrysler 300, then a sporty Ford Explorer, and think about which suits you best.

And luckily, with Hubler, you don’t have to worry about buying a lemon. Cars purchased at the Auto Outlet come with some of the same perks as new and used cars from other Hubler locations.


One of those perks is Hubler’s Driver Plus maintenance program. With Driver Plus, car owners get one year of free maintenance. This includes three oil changes for normal gasoline vehicles or one if the vehicle is diesel. With the cost of oil changes floating just above $30, the value of this service is like getting a $100 thank you gift for buying a new car. The Driver Plus program also comes with a year of free car washes. Additionally, when Hubler technicians service your vehicle, they only use parts and fluids recommended by the manufacturer of your car. All technicians are ASE certified and have experience working on a broad spectrum of makes and models.


With a new car you get a warranty, right? Right. But when you buy a used car from Hubler, you get just as good of a warranty: the Q Certified warranty. The warranty lasts for 100,000 miles or two years, whichever one comes first. It covers the drive train, which includes engine, transmission, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive components.

They also offer great roadside assistance. They will change flat tires as long as the tread is above a certain standard. The warranty will even reimburse you up to $1,000 for lodging and transportation if something breaks while you’re 100 miles from home on vacation.

The reason that Hubler can offer this is because its ASE certified mechanics do a 128-point inspection on their cars before declaring them Q Certified. They also pull a vehicle history on each car. So they know that their used cars are in great condition and able to hold up, basically, like new.


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