Maintenance Programs and Hubler’s Driver Plus Program

Many car manufacturers and dealers across the state of Indiana offer maintenance programs for their new and used vehicles. The manufacturer programs are included with the sale and can be considered added value, savings, and peace of mind for customers. The maintenance programs that dealers offer are designed to supplement the manufacturer’s maintenance program or provide one when the manufacturer does not. They have a value and provide another reason for consumers to buy their car at that particular dealership. Not all dealerships offer the same kind of programs, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting before you buy.

Basic Programs

You’ll come across all kinds of basic programs out there, but specifically what a basic program covers is, well, very basic maintenance. This can include things like your first oil change being free, checking and topping off fluids, multi-point vehicle inspections, and maybe some free car washes.

Intermediate Programs

Sometimes the coverage will be a little more extensive. These programs often provide the same coverage as the basic program but for a longer period of time or longer mileage. These programs may include more oil changes, tire rotations and other scheduled maintenance. A typical example may be to cover all manufacturer recommended maintenance for a two-year period. These are often offered to owners of luxury vehicles and imports but even Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC are now offering them.

Are Maintenance Plans Really Going to Save Me Money?

In most cases, included maintenance programs aren’t going to save you huge amounts of money, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Regular vehicle maintenance is important for the life of your car or truck, and you either have to pay for it out of pocket or get it covered by one of these programs. When car shopping, find out the specifics of what the program covers, and make use of the program if you get it. While you shouldn’t let an included maintenance program dictate whether or not you buy the car, the simple services that are offered are definitely worth taking advantage of will save you some money.

Hubler’s Driver Plus Program

Many dealerships around Indianapolis offer their customers some kind of maintenance program. Hubler Automotive offers their Driver Plus Program to any customer that buys a new or used vehicle at any of their 10 Hubler locations. The Driver Plus Program applies to all eligible customers and vehicles that don’t already come with a program from the manufacturer. Hubler offers this as thanks for your purchase and so you don’t have to worry about maintenance expenses shortly after your purchase.

With the Driver Plus Program you get one year of complimentary maintenance. The one-year included maintenance package includes three free oil changes with included oil filter, multi-point inspection, a check of all fluid levels, free car washes with every visit, use of service loaner vehicles, and other basic maintenance savings. Hubler also offers a one-month comprehensive warranty and a two-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty on all Certified Pre-owned vehicles. For more information about the Driver Plus Program, or to look at a new or used vehicle, contact a Hubler dealership today.


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