Latest Vehicle Safety Features

Every year, car companies roll out their new vehicles, which are usually packed with tons of new technology and features that are designed to make your driving experience better. Part of that better experience is new safety features. These features are some of the most important if you’re a busy working mom like me. Here’s a look at some of the most important safety features from the last few years.

Forward Sensors

The forward sensors now installed on many vehicles enable such features as adaptive cruise control, which senses when your vehicle gets too close to the vehicle in front of it. The sensors also take care of autonomous braking, which will engage the brakes if the driver fails to do so when approaching an object or another vehicle.

Adaptive Headlights

This technology allows drivers to see around curves. The headlights adapt to the curvature of the road so that drivers can see much further around dark corners and curves than ever before.

Reverse Sensors and Camera

Sensors and a camera allow drivers to reverse with total confidence. The camera allows the driver to see below the rear window so that, in the driveway, they can watch out for children playing, toys, or other obstacles that they would not otherwise be able to see. Reverse sensors are helpful for in parking situations, whether it’s parallel parking or avoiding shopping carts and pedestrians. The sensors will actually stop the vehicle if the driver doesn’t.

Blind Spot Sensors

Another important safety innovation is the addition of blind spot sensors. These sensors alert the driver with a light or noise if there’s a vehicle hiding in their blind spot when they move to switch lanes. If you have tricky blind spots, distraction in your car, or you’re prone to zoning out on the interstate, these sensors are incredibly helpful.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Appropriate tire pressure is very important not only for your vehicle’s performance, but also for your safety. Newer vehicles will monitor your tire pressure and alert you when it gets too low.

Rollover Prevention

Although automakers have been adding rollover prevention and roll bars to their vehicles for years, the new vehicles have systems that are a little more complex. The anti-rollover systems sense when a vehicle is prone to a rollover and adjust the brakes and throttle accordingly. Depending on the automaker, this feature will have different names, but they all work in similar ways.

Occupant-Sensitive Airbags

Not every person is the same size or weight, so airbags shouldn’t all be the same. The new airbags sense seatbelt usage and weight to adjust the airbag in case of an accident.

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