Presenting Tabitha Bowden

Hubler celebrates its diverse staff across its several dealership locations. In a lot of ways, Hubler Automotive Group can thank its incredible customer service and expertise to its incredible staff.

This is why Hubler is pleased to introduce the brand new Service Manager at the Greenwood Acura location, Tabitha Bowden. Tabitha Bowden brings a lot of energy to a field that needs it, and she is ready to apply her skills and expertise in Hubler’s Acura service department.

How Tabitha Got Here

Bowden would tell you that her arrival in the auto industry was by no means intentional. She joined the industry while studying in culinary school. She took a position as a service advisor in Lafayette 14 years ago at a Mitsubishi dealership. After only six months, Mitsubishi asked her to take another service advisor position here in Indianapolis. While here, she made a name for herself, and was offered a position at a Honda location. After seven years at the Honda dealership, Hubler managed to pull her into the family. Bowden has been with the Acura dealership in Greenwood for over six years. After a recent switch in management, Hubler asked her to step up as the new Service Manager.

Taking It to the Next level

Bowden is a hard worker that doesn’t mind a challenge. In fact, she says she is most looking forward to taking on the challenge of growing and improving the business. She has big goals to create a better service department that attracts more customers. With her expert customer service quality and knowledge, Bowden is ready to rock the Acura dealership’s already awesome service department.

A Woman in a “Man’s World”

Typically, the auto industry is dominated by men, but Bowden is proud to say that she’s just another teammate among her coworkers. In fact, she would argue that being a woman lends her an advantage. Her understanding and sympathetic nature allows her to be better for her customers, especially her female customers.

While Tabitha is brand-new to the Service Manager position, she isn’t new to the industry by any means. With 14 years of experience under her belt, Hubler is excited for the future of Hubler Acura!

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