Presenting Lindsay Rogers

One thing we’ve always prided ourselves on is having an expert staff across the entire Hubler Automotive Group. We maintain a level of customer care that you can’t get anywhere else, and our managers always make sure that Hubler provides the best service possible at all times. This is why we’re proud to present our Shelbyville Chevrolet Center’s brand new General Manager: Lindsay Rogers!

A Little History Lesson

Rogers has been working in the industry for 14+ years in the service department across the United States. He grew up in Indiana, but his work in the auto industry led him clear across the country—to Florida—and back. Rogers started out as a Service Advisor at a Lexus dealership, which is where he picked up his never-failing need to provide luxury customer service. Out of his time in the industry, he has spent nine years as a service manager, proving his ability to learn and move quickly. Rogers made the transition from Service Manager at our Acura location to General Manager at our Shelbyville Chevrolet Center during a recent management shift, and we couldn’t be happier to have him at the helm.

“Feels Like Home”

Growing up, Rogers’ father always drove Chevy vehicles, so Rogers comes to his position with more than little information on the manufacturer. Selling American-made cars is something he’ll tell you is a major perk of his new job at the Chevy Center.

Rogers and the Progress of the Chevrolet Center

Shelbyville welcomes its visitors with a sign that reads: “Pride in Progress.” Rogers is coming to Shelbyville with only this in mind. Shelbyville has a bright future, and Rogers is working with the same effort to keep up with the city’s progress by bringing that luxury feeling to an affordable, American brand of vehicles. The Chevrolet Center is getting an upgrade in service as Rogers extends absolute expert customer care to everyone who visits the dealership.

Hubler Automotive Group is ecstatic to have Lindsay Rogers heading the Chevrolet Center. We feel confident that he’ll bring nothing but the greatest customer care and service to Shelbyville. With his experience in foreign luxury vehicles, Rogers is sure to provide a similar luxurious feeling to a staple of the American auto industry.

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