Professional Car Washes in Winter

Winter will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t yet learned about the hazards that the cold and dry weather play on our vehicles, then it’s time to learn a thing or two that could end up keeping you safe while also saving you money in the long run. Slick roads are always cause for concern, but the real threat to the integrity of our vehicles is the dry conditions and the copious amounts of road salt that we use to clear the roadways. To keep your car free of hazardous road salt residues and combat the seasonal atmosphere, it’s recommended that you get regular professional car washes throughout the winter months. Let’s take a look at why they’re so important.

Cold, Dry Conditions Wreaking Havoc

The dry atmosphere of winter wreaks havoc on our cars. The cold climate dries out the car’s system and fixtures expand and contract, which means they are more likely to crack and rub against one another. The freezing water that typically drains out of our tailpipes expands and can sometimes even clog the pipes, potentially trapping gas emissions into the car. This is incredibly hazardous. While frequently turning your engine on during the winter helps to keep the system in check, regularly taking it into a professional car wash will help the whole system and keep it clean.

Speaking of Clean

There’s almost nothing more harmful on your car than road salt. Road salt reduces the freezing point of water, but it brings in chemicals that jumpstart the rusting process. When road salt melts ice and snow on the road, it kicks up onto the bottom of your car where it inevitably dries. The water is now heavy with sodium chloride. When the water dries, it takes on a white residue that works as a rust enabler. When this residue is left on the metal fixtures underneath your car, it can create a fast-moving rust process that may lead to failing auto parts. When there’s a ton of road salt on the ground, it’s extremely important that you make sure you get it washed off of your car before the rust sets in. Avoiding this hazardous and expensive corrosion can ultimately extend the life of your car. Usually, the rust sets in as winter comes to an end, and the residues are left alone on the car during the dry last couple weeks of the season. The really sad thing about road salt is that it’s not even the most effective or least hazardous road salt; it’s simply the cheapest one.

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