Top Ten Best Apps for Road Trips

There’s nothing like a long, adventurous road trip across the country. These are the best apps out there to make every road trip better than ever.

1. RoadTrippers

This is the ultimate go-to app for any road trip. Enter your starting point and your destination(s), and RoadTrippers will create a unique route that takes you onto more than just highways. The whole point of a road trip is to see a lot of the country anyway, right? Before mapping out your own route, give this app a try.

2. Field Trip

This insanely cool app uses your location to find and show you all nearby landmarks—historical sites, architecture, entertainment, etc.— and then provides information on the sites. It’s a neat way to enhance your road trip experience and get everything out of everywhere you travel.

3. GasBuddy

The biggest pitfall in a road trip is the constant problem of searching out gas stations. When you’re out of your element, you’re pretty much at the mercy of whatever’s thrown at you, right? When it comes to finding good gas prices along your road trip, there’s no better app than GasBuddy. Free for smartphones, this app keeps track of gas prices across the country and relays them back to you. This means you can see not only where the next gas station is, but also how much the fuel is going for. Perhaps the gas station up the road a little more is cheaper? You’ll know about it before you pass it on a full, higher-priced gas tank.

4. Panorama 360

Road trips are all about experiencing not only the destination but everything else along the way. As you work your way across the country, you can pull up this app to take breathtaking, 360° photos. Normal pictures only capture a small portion of what you’re really seeing, but with this app, you can capture the whole scene.

5. Waze Navigation

Depending on how big of a road trip you’re taking, this app might help you make some friends along the way. It’s a social media platform built around an intuitive navigation system. A lot of road-trippers use this app to communicate important information to one another, or to just meet up along the way. It’s a great way to share police hide-outs, traffic delays, car crashes, and even the best hangout places. If you’re a serious and social road tripper, this might be the best app for you.

6. Postagram

They’re not kidding when they say smartphones can do just about anything. Postagram can send real postcards to anywhere in the U.S. It’s all done on a simple app that knows where you are. Put in your recipients, add a message, and submit the order. Postagram will then send a physical postcard to your friends and family.

7. Food Tripping

There’s no sense in eating the same kinds of stuff you can get at home; this app shows you all the best food places in the area, giving you a prime list of local restaurants that you should try.

8. Spotify

Spotify is a popular music application that runs on computers and smart devices. It’s free to download on your device and install on your computer, and it gives you access to almost any song you could want (unless you’re into some deeply underground stuff). It allows you to create your own playlists on the computer for free, and mobile devices allow you to play them on shuffle, but there is a membership fee for full access on mobile devices. If you don’t want to pay the fee, simply create playlists on your computer and shuffle them on your road trip. Of course, if you want full access to your playlists and song list and the option to add more songs during your road trip, the $10/month membership fee isn’t too much to ask for access to any and all music you could want on your trip.

9. Audible

Sometimes, music just doesn’t do the trick. If you’re on a long road trip and the sights you’re seeing aren’t nearly as neat as your destination, it could be useful to have this app on hand. Audible is a digital book app. Download your favorite book—or a new one—and get your stories while you spend your time on the open road.

10. Findery

This cool app lets you know about the hidden secrets in your area. When visiting a new place, it’s always nice to know a little bit of insider information about what’s really worthwhile. Findery gives a little more to your list of destinations, making sure you get every little bit out of your road trip.

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