2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Control Panel and Touch Screen Overview (if so equipped)

The control panel and display screen will help you monitor a host of vehicle functions.

To operate the touch screen, touch an item to select, for example to select “audio” touch the audio key.

Some screens have items that can be adjusted incrementally, like the bass and treble controls for the audio system.

For more, touch the PLUS key. For less, touch the MINUS key.

Other screens have items that are adjusted by selecting one of a set number of conditions. For example the “Display Setup” mode can be set to “automatic”, “day”, or “night”. To adjust an item like this, touch the item. The item will then cycle through the available settings and a red indicator will light to the left of the setting and will come on or turn off automatically.

To input characters touch the character. Some options that are available when inputting characters are:
• 123 / ABC — This changes the available character set to numbers or back to letters.
• Space — Inserts a space.
• Delete — Deletes the last character inputted. Touch and hold the “delete” key to delete all characters.

If you need to return to the previous screen, press the back button.

To adjust the display brightness, push the brightness control button. Pushing the button again will change the display to the day or night display. To turn the display off, push and hold the brightness control button for more than two seconds. To turn it back on, push the button again.

See your Navigation System Owner’s Manual for more information.

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