2013 NISSAN Xterra – Navigation System Overview (if so equipped)

Your vehicle’s Navigation System has an Information Center with a color monitor. This is your Navigation System’s control panel. Vehicle functions are viewed on a series of screens. To access and navigate the various screens you can use the touchscreen, or the command buttons and the BACK button.

Your Navigation System starts when the ignition is in the ACC or ON position.

These command buttons allow you to select an item or perform an action.

The DAY/ NIGHT OFF button, displays alternate views of a day screen and a night screen. Press to change the display brightness between day and night modes. While the mode is being displayed, the brightness can be adjusted using the TUNE knob. Press and hold the DAY/ NIGHT OFF button to turn the display off. Press again to turn the display on.

Press ZOOM IN key or ZOOM OUT key on the screen to change the map scale.

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