Best New Small Cars on a Budget

It’s no secret: it’s a struggle to find practical, stylish cars at an affordable price. However, finding this ideal combination is no longer as hard as it once was. Car manufacturers have caught on to the fact that budget cars that handle well and get good gas mileage sell very well. In response, they’re now rolling out new models at very attractive prices. Hubler Automotive offers an extensive line-up of new vehicles that fit into almost any budget. With these vehicles, you can rest assured that you’re driving away in a new, reliable car at a very budget-worthy price.

Chevy Sonic

Available in both sedan and hatchback models, the Chevy Sonic is easily one of the best. Starting at around $14k, you can deck this car out with all the trimmings you’re looking for in a new car. Outstanding gas efficiency is something you can expect with 34 mpg/highway in the basic LS trim, and 40 on the LT and LTZ trims.

Chevy Cruze

Starting at an attractive $17,000, the new Chevy Cruze is a stylish new sedan with attractive pricing options. Getting one of the best fuel economies in its class at 46 diesel mpg/highway, you can expect to get far on a single tank of gas. Compact doesn’t mean less here: the Chevy Cruze offers efficiency, safety, and advanced technology.

Nissan Versa Note

This hatchback version of the Nissan Versa combines versatility with economic sensibility. At a low starting price of $13,990, you’ll find an affordable monthly payment mixed in with the satisfaction of a new, reliable car. With four package options, you can choose the right amount of features under your set budget. Whichever trim you choose, the Nissan Versa Note sets the stage for all new frugal, practical cars.


Mazda calls this one their “Fuel-Efficient Compact Car,” and they’re not lying. Its compact size allows them to beef up the fuel economy to 29/41 mpg. Mazda’s unique look is preserved in this model while also offering an inviting interior that compels anyone to take the wheel. All of this at an easily starting price of $16,945.

Ford Fiesta

With the Fiesta, Ford gives us a reliable, affordable compact car. Starting at a base price of $14,100, this sleek compact sedan opens up a world where stylish, new, and budget-worthy are all possible together. The automatic version of the Fiesta boasts 29/39 mpg city/highway, giving it one of the best fuel economies of all comparable new budget cars.

Nissan Altima

If you’re looking for an affordable mid-sized sedan, look no further. The new 2014 Nissan Altima combines NASA-inspired interior seating, a modern tech savvy interior system, and an incredibly affordable price. At $22,170, even the starting base model is exceptional. Tack on the right safety and technology features you want in a new sedan, and you’re looking at a car at the top of its class.

There’s no reason why new and stylish has to mean outrageously expensive. With our line-up of budget-worthy 2014 models, we can get you in the seat of a new car at an exceptionally affordable price. Check out our list of special pricing vehicles to find the right vehicle for you today!

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