Why Do Minivans Still Exist?

Large four-door sedans, practical SUVs, crossovers—the popularity of these vehicles is leaving a lot of us with a simple question: why do minivans even exist? They’re just big gas-guzzlers for soccer moms anyway, right? Wrong.

While minivans are becoming scarcer in the auto industry, a few models are hanging in there among the new family-oriented crossovers and larger sedans. Today’s models are here for the long haul, and they’re showing us why they’ve still got it going on.

So, What’s the Best Minivan Still Out There?

The answer is pretty simple: complete-package vehicles like the Nissan Quest. The Quest is a product of a long-running trend among American families. After years and years, Nissan has pretty much perfected the family minivan, giving families across the nation a great, reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle to depend on.

Not sure you’re convinced minivans still have a place? Check out the specifics of the Nissan Quest and you might be wondering why you chose that small hybrid as the family car.

Inviting Interior

The up-scale interior is inviting, often compared to that of an Infiniti. The navigation system is very user-intuitive and attractive. The audio and climate controls are easy to use in both front and back of the cab. Standard models come with power windows on the front and second row windows along with a push-button start system. Mix and match other available features, and you may be sitting in the perfect, large-sized vehicle of your dreams. With Nissan’s Around View Monitoring System, you can take advantage of multiple cameras that all give positioning perspective, which makes parking and tight fits a breeze.

Practical Utility

This is still a family mover. It can fit up to seven people very comfortably, if you happen to be rearing an entire army of little ones. When seven seats aren’t necessary, simply take out the back seat, and you’re ready to pack an entire summer’s worth of gear for a memorable family road trip. You can actually take out both back rows and turn the van into very spacious storage compartment for a time. Fuel economy is an obviously high-priority need when it comes to the family car. The Quest gets 19/25 MPG, which only tells us how far minivans have come (considering a 2001 Ford Windstar only got 16/22).

Somehow, minivans have gained a reputation for being outdated. Crossovers are bullying them out of the market, but there is still practicality in a family-inspired vehicle designed for comfort and space. When it comes to the question, “Why do minivans still exist?” the answer is simple: because vehicles like the Nissan Quest are still rocking at their game, and they’ll probably continue rocking in years to come.

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