Chevy Is First to Offer In-Car 4G LTE Wi-Fi

Seems Wi-Fi is everywhere these days, from coffeehouses to entire cities. Chevy now brings 4G LTE Wi-Fi to its cars, trucks, and crossovers, meaning you don’t have to worry about using up data on your phone plan while you’re trekking across town or across the country. How Can I Get Wi-Fi in My Chevy Vehicle? […]

Fall Fun around Indianapolis

Summer is on its way out, and once we say, “See you next year,” to ice cream cones, diving off the high dive, and relaxing on a beach, it’s time to get right into fun fall activities. Whether that means (safely) setting up a bonfire in your backyard, picking apples, carving pumpkins, enduring a haunted […]

Car Color

Color is a unique thing. It allows for individuality when it comes to things that are otherwise not so individual. Like cars, for instance. If you drive a Honda Civic, you’re one of millions of people who also drive a Honda Civic. With millions of similar cars out there, it’s no wonder we sometimes approach […]

Historical Auto Companies of Indiana

Indiana has a rich automotive history dating back before 1900. At one time Indianapolis contained more auto plants than any city in Michigan, including Detroit, and Indiana was ranked second after Michigan for automotive production. Hundreds of automobile, truck, and other vehicle producers claim Indiana as their home. Here are a few of those historical […]

Solar Roadways

As we become more and more aware of the fact that oil reserves are depleting and that carbon emissions are the cause of global warming and the erosion of the ozone layer, we’re putting extra effort into looking for alternative sources of energy. We’ve talked on the blog before about alternative fuels for cars and […]

Hubler’s Special AutoTrak Program

When you’re looking around for an affordable vehicle, Hubler Automotive offers a supreme and credit building financing plan called the AutoTrakProgram. For those with low credit wishing to both get in a car and build their credit up, AutoTrak gets you where you need to be. So How Does it Work? AutoTrak is a special […]

Where Do Your Old Tires Go?

You’re supposed to regularly rotate your car’s tires and to keep them evenly filled according to the PSI appropriate for your car. This allows the tires to wear evenly and provide you with that all-important traction that keeps your car gripping the road. Besides that, you may need a whole new set depending on the […]

Alternative Fuels

Feel like the oil industry has a monopoly on the fuel you put into your car? Well, they kind of do, but technology and research are advancing to the point where more alternative fuels may become readily available and more viable options in the near future. Right now, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to […]

Ford EcoBoost Event

Last month, we got a chance to check out the Ford EcoBoost Challenge on the last stop of their tour. Designed to give consumers an unbiased look at how Ford’s offerings stack up against their closest competitors, the challenge gave us some real insight into Ford’s plans for their hybrids, their performance line, and their […]

Leasing a Car: Good or Bad Decision?

Everyone has a different financial and personal situation, so not everyone should make the same decisions when looking for a new vehicle. Leasing a vehicle can be a great way to get the right vehicle at the right price, but there are situations where it makes more sense to buy instead. Before you lease or […]