Hubler’s Special AutoTrak Program

When you’re looking around for an affordable vehicle, Hubler Automotive offers a supreme and credit building financing plan called the AutoTrakProgram. For those with low credit wishing to both get in a car and build their credit up, AutoTrak gets you where you need to be.

So How Does it Work?

AutoTrak is a special financing program that is set up when you choose a car from any of our nine Hubler dealerships. With this program, you make payments for an agreed upon amount of time. After that time period ends, you are given three options:

  • Option 1: Purchase the vehicle for a small lump sum.
  • Option 2: Continue making your regular payments to pay off the vehicle over an additional amount of time.
  • Option 3: Turn the car back into the lot, browse our current inventory, and look for something even better than the vehicle you started out with. This is a popular option, as most customers build up their credit through the program, allowing for an even newer and nicer vehicle.


But How Does it Build My Credit?

Autotrak reports to all three credit bureaus weekly, which means your credit rapidly builds up while you remain in the AutoTrak program.

As If That Wasn’t Enough

Surely you’ve noticed the perks of this program, but it doesn’t stop there. By enrolling in the Hubler AutoTrak special financing program, you’ll also get these additional benefits:

  • Drive a reliable, new, low-mileage vehicle.
  • Leases available for new and used cars and trucks.
  • Different leasing term options allow you to choose what’s best for you: 24-, 36-, and 48-month terms.
  • Every vehicle comes with a warranty that lasts through the leasing terms.
  • No minimum credit score required.
  • You can make the choice of entering the program through a down payment or a trade-in.
  • Bankruptcies are not a problem.


This program not only allows you to get into a reliable vehicle immediately, but it also helps build your credit so that you may upgrade to a nicer, newer vehicle after the program period ends. If you’re interested in getting started with our AutoTrak program, come see us at any of our nine Hubler dealerships across Central Indiana today!

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