Family Day Trips in Indy



Recently, I discussed some fun weekend getaways from families. This week, I’m sticking to the same theme. Summer is all about making memories that will last. This summer, we should all do whatever we can to make our family time something to be remembered. Even small trips are worthwhile, especially when you live around Indy. This city is packed with a bunch of fun events and places for families to spend their time. More specifically, this city is great for day trips. Here is a list of some of the cooler things Indy has to offer for day trips with your kids.


IMA and the 100 Acres

This place has something for us all. The artwork inside the IMA is something that kids can learn from and something that you will appreciate as well. When the kids get antsy in the galleries, you can step outside and explore the surrounding 100 acres of property. The grounds include woodlands, wetlands, meadows, and even a 35-acre lake! For a day devoted towards the cultural side of the city, the IMA is the place to take the family. Did I mention it’s completely free?


Children’s Museum

Okay, this one should be a no-brainer. This is a kid’s dream house. With a ton of interactive exhibits, plays, and more, your kids would love to stay there for the entire weekend. However, when a free day becomes available to the whole family, the Children’s Museum should be on the top of any to-do list!


Indianapolis Zoo

Who doesn’t love animals? Even more, who wouldn’t love to feel like they’re roaming the African savanna, diving into tropical waters, or swinging through the rainforest? These are all things you experience when you take a day trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. For a fair price, your whole family can visit with the animals while learning about them in person! They even have a kid-friendly petting zoo. By the way, there are even free tickets to the dolphin show. You don’t want to miss that.


Holliday Park

For all you nature-loving families out there, this one is for you. Holliday Park is a 94-acre park on the north side of the city. Take your kids to walk the trails, explore the nature center, and play on one of the best playgrounds in the entire city. The park has trails that run along White River. You can even go kayaking on the river! One of the coolest things about Holliday Park is the ruins: three huge sculptures that belonged to an old New York City building.


Mass Ave.

For something a little different, but still fun for everyone, pack the kids and make a day for everyone on Massachusetts Avenue downtown. The long street is a buzzing part of the city with a ton of neat little shops, including a really awesome toy store! With so many great food places, you can find lunch and dinner on the street, if you’d like. Indy Reads is a new bookstore at the end of the street. With discounted prizes and a neat kids section, the whole family can pick up something from the store. They even have story hour on Saturdays!


Of course, there’s a lot more than just these five ways to spend a day in Indy with the family. As a city with a lot of culture, entertainment, and growth, there’s more and more available to families. One of the best things about Indy is that you can give your kids well-rounded experiences with the many different types of activities throughout the city.


So, what will you do with your family on your next day off? Where will you spend your day with the kids? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!


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