Cool Car Apps to Have in Indy

Why keep using difficult-to-refold road maps and atlases in today’s world? There’s nothing more dangerous than having a huge paper atlas unfolded in front of you while you navigate unfamiliar territory. And with today’s technology, even simple things, like parking, are integrated into our phones and computers. Indy is keeping up with other large cities across the country in bringing in easily accessible, technology-ready systems that make navigation and parking easier and more stress-free. Here’s a list of cool apps you should have on your smartphone if you’re traveling around the city a lot.

Google Maps

OK, so all smartphones come with some kind of navigation app already installed. But the navigation apps pre-installed on iPhones and Androids are nowhere near as good as Google Maps. If you’re like most others, you use Google Maps on your computer to get directions. The app maintains the familiar Google interface, making it easier to use. The voice system is less clunky and annoying as other apps. And, the best feature of all, it utilizes Google’s impressive routing system, providing several different route options. Each option details the directions, providing miles and time of travel.


Indy is a small city, but it’s still too big to go gallivanting from the far northeast end of Mass Ave. to Georgia Street. Recently, UBER taxi service has entered the city and is changing the way people without cars get from place to place. Drivers are everyday people cleared by UBER who use their own personal cars to pick up UBER subscribers when they need a lift. Transactions are run exclusively through the smartphone app. When you need a ride, simply request a ride on the app, and an UBER taxi driver will pick up the job and take you wherever you need to go. When you arrive at the destination, you pay through the UBER app and continue your day.


Indy’s downtown parking system even boasts its own app. Register your vehicle and payment cards, and you’re all set to park anywhere in the city. Park your car in any metered space, open the app, enter your desired time, and pay. Simple. Imagine you park on Mass Ave. on a Friday night, but your evening takes you further downtown. You can add time to your meter despite being far from your spot. The app even has a feature that will tell you where your car is located, just in case you forget where you parked.

Field Trip

For a city so packed with monuments, this is an awesome app for those history-loving travelers and drivers out there. Field Trip provides a map of your area, detailing the locations of any worthwhile points of interest. As you drive, it alerts you when you’re near one of them. Along with the locations of the points of interest, it also provides a brief commentary on it. If you haven’t toured the city’s monuments yet, download this app and get rolling.


While newer cars can track driving habits and keep a record of fuel efficiency, older cars don’t have the technology to do so. TripAlyzer is designed to track your driving habits and calculate your fuel efficiency. After each trip, it gives you a bottom line cost of how much that trip cost you. Learn about how you drive and how to save a few bucks by driving efficiently.




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