Lane Departure and Crash Detection Systems

Self-piloted flying cars have been a staple of the futuristic world. While we have yet to see fully automated, flying vehicles, we are starting to see small doses of automation with Lane Departure and Crash Detection systems becoming more and more prevalent in new vehicles.

These are both called passive safety systems, which means they stay dormant until necessary. Both use cameras and sensors to detect when a potential threat is occurring and can initiate a warning or even a route correction feature to keep the car away from the threats.

So what are they, exactly?

Lane Departure Systems

Based on video, laser, and infrared sensors, this type of safety feature is pretty self-explanatory: it recognizes when a vehicle is exiting a lane on a highway when a turning signal isn’t on. Often called Lane Keeping Systems, these come in two forms, one that simply warns the driver of the lane departure, and then one that will warn and even take action to autocorrect if the warning isn’t heeded by the driver.

Long highway stretches become tedious and even at top speeds, it’s easy to become complacent to the road after a while. When this complacency happens, it’s common to swerve in and out of lanes without meaning to or even realizing it. Lane Departure systems are designed to maintain safety even when you’re on those long stretches.

Crash Detection Systems

Crash Detection systems use similar sensors and cameras to detect possible collisions ahead of the car and even brake to avoid them.

These systems are intuitive and, in some cases, seemingly omniscient guardian angels. Some cars are even equipped with a crash detection system that can sense a potential collision up to two cars in front of it. It’s like magic! But it’s not; it’s just highly evolved sensors keeping a look out for any unusual and sudden movements and stops.

A lot of our new models are equipped with these two awesome safety features. Check out our inventory stacked with Lane Departure and Crash Detection systems today! When it comes to safety, these two are top-of-their-game-features and we’ve got them ready to go.

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