Lift Kits

A lift kit will give your vehicle a higher profile, which allows you to use taller and bigger tires on a vehicle. There are two different kinds of lift kits, and both of these have advantages and disadvantages. Here is a rundown of both types.

Body Lifts

Body lifts do exactly what the name implies. They lift the body of the vehicle. Most kits work to lift the body one, two, or three inches higher than its original profile. The kits are made from blocks and other types of spacers. Although these kits are great for raising the body up off the ground a little bit more, they will not increase ground clearance. To do that you will need a suspension lift kit.

Suspension Lifts

A suspension lift kit will give you the ground clearance you’re searching for. These kits are often installed on vehicles that are used off-road. When a vehicle has a suspension kit installed, it’s often accompanied by larger tires. This will raise the entire vehicle up off the ground and allow for even more ground clearance.

Safety Concerns

Adding a lift kit to your vehicle can increase danger to both the driver of the customized vehicle and other drivers on the road. When a lift kit is added to a vehicle, it raises the center of gravity and makes a vehicle more prone to rollovers. The vehicle’s handling is also affected. In the event of an accident, a lift kit can, in some cases, reduce the damage to your vehicle because of its increased height, but the damage to the non-lifted vehicle will be significant, and the driver of that vehicle will often sustain more injuries than if two non-lifted vehicles were involved. If you choose to add a lift kit to your vehicle, drive carefully at all times, and be mindful of the decreased handling and increased risk of rollover.


The laws vary among states, so check each state’s laws accordingly. In Indiana, there are no specific laws on suspension, but there are laws on certain dimensions of a vehicle, so you may want to contact the BMV to make sure that you will still be legal with the lift kit you want to install.

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