All About Wheels and Rims

You see all different sizes and styles of wheels and rims on vehicles. The terms “wheel” and “rim” are usually used interchangeably, but “rim” actually refers to one specific part of the wheel. The different sizes and styles of wheels are, in some cases, just for aesthetics, but in other cases there is an actual purpose for certain wheel characteristics.

Custom Wheels

Many people prefer to put custom wheels on their vehicle. They do this for a certain look, or to improve certain areas of performance. For example: drag racing cars have very wide tires so that they can get better traction. Whatever the reason you have for putting custom wheels on your car, be aware that custom wheels can be difficult to replace if damaged. Most auto shops will have to order in parts, and that can take some time.

The same goes for tires. If you have custom wheels on your car, you may have to order tires every time you need new ones or if you get a flat. Also, custom wheels are often stolen off of cars. If you have custom rims, make sure to get special locking lug nuts for your wheels. This will make it more difficult for thieves to steal your wheels.

Big Wheels

It’s become popular for some people to put very large diameter wheels on their vehicle. The rims of these wheels often have some kind of decorative look to them. While some people think that it looks cool, there are some performance considerations that you should think about before you do this. A larger wheel will affect handling, stopping distance, and overall ride of your vehicle. If you want large wheels, make sure the rest of your vehicle is adjusted.

Unless you want to recalibrate all of the computer components of your vehicle when you get new wheels, you usually need to have a low profile tire. That way, the outside diameter of the tire is the same, and you won’t have to make adjustments to your vehicle’s computer systems. While low profile tires can make bigger wheels easier to install, there are still some things you need to think about. Low profile tires will not absorb the bumps and cracks in the road like ordinary tires. As a result, you’ll need to adjust your suspension; otherwise you could end up with a bent rim or some other kind of damage.

If you’re thinking about putting custom wheels on your vehicle, run it by your mechanic. They should be able to tell you everything you need to know.

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