Misconceptions of Diesel

Diesel engines tend to get a bad rap—unfairly. These misconceptions cause people to think poorly of diesel vehicles, meaning they rarely purchase vehicles with diesel engines. Interestingly enough, this isn’t a problem in other countries. Overseas, many more diesels are sold than in the United States. Around half the market in Europe comprises diesel engines. Why? Because they’re great. Here’s what’s being said and why it’s wrong.

Lack of Performance

A lot of people think that diesels don’t perform as efficiently as regular gasoline vehicles, but they’re wrong. Diesels actually get far better gas mileage and have more torque at lower speeds, and if turbo is installed on the vehicle, it will outperform most similar gasoline vehicles.

Diesels Have Dirty Emissions

No. While old diesel engines may have been a little dirty, new diesel technology has almost eliminated nitrous oxide emissions, and CO2 emissions have been reduced considerably as well, making them very clean vehicles.

Cold Weather Problems

A common misconception is that diesels won’t start when the weather gets cold. This is no longer the case. With modern fuel injection and internal and external heating components, cold weather is no longer too much of a problem.

Diesel Engines Are Pricey Overall

While diesel engines cost a little more upfront, they will run longer, meaning that your money is better spent on a diesel engine. Just make sure to take the time to have the routine maintenance performed on time. Any vehicle that doesn’t have regular maintenance performed will not last a long as it should.

Diesel Engines Are Noisier

Modern diesel engines have advanced fuel delivery systems, and they are actually as quiet as or quieter than gasoline engines. Paired with modern technology to make the interior of the vehicle very quiet, you’d never know the difference between a diesel and a gasoline engine.

You Can Smell a Diesel

This used to be true, but today you’d never be able to smell a new diesel engine. They’re clean and odor free. Don’t believe us? Stop by a Hubler dealership to take a whiff.

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