Pickup Truck Configurations

Pickup trucks used to be pretty simple: you had a cab and bed on wheels. But now when you step onto a car lot to look for a pickup truck, you’re met with dozens of different configurations and specifications. Among these options is the box and cab of the truck. There are plenty of styles out there, but you need to try and find the one that’s right for what you need. Here are some different truck configurations and what they’re good for.

Truck Cabs

The cab of the pickup truck is where the driver and passengers sit. Modern pickup trucks offer a range of many different cab styles and sizes. The names for these cab styles and sizes really depend on the automaker. For example, a truck with four doors could be called a Crew Cab (Chevy, GMC, Nissan), a Quad Cab (Dodge), Double Cab (Toyota), SuperCrew (Ford), or a few others. All these names refer to a four-door pickup truck. A good way to identify four-door trucks is to look for the word crew. If crew is in the title of the vehicle, it’s going to be a four-door truck.

Trucks that do not generally have four doors but do have back seats can be called the following: Extended Cab (Chevy, GMC), King Cab (Nissan), XtraCab (Toyota), Access Cab (Toyota, with rear doors), SuperCab (Ford), Club Cab (Dodge Dakota). A good way to identify these trucks regardless of automaker is to look for the word extended or an equivalent of that.

Any truck that has just a front seat and very limited space behind the seat is usually called a regular cab regardless of the automaker.

Truck Boxes

The box of the truck is the part of the vehicle that is used for storage and transport of vehicles. In general, there is the stepside box and the typical box. The stepside box is exactly what it sounds like. It is created in a way that allows you to step up on the outside of the box. There’s a foothold so that you can easily get into the box. A typical box does not have these steps on the outside. Besides the steps on the outside of the box, a stepside and typical box also differ on the inside. The typical box will have more room for storage but will have humps where the wheel wells are. A stepside box will not have those humps because the wheel wells are actually outside of the box.

No truck configuration is simply better than the other. It all depends on what you need and plan to do with the truck. Stop by your nearest Hubler dealership today to see our range of pickup trucks with all manner of cab and box sizes. You’re bound to find the right fit.

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