Motorcycle Routes for Spring

One of the best things about living at the crossroads of America is that you’re never too far from anything, and there are always several routes to use to get where you’re going. Although Indiana lacks mountains and beaches, you can still find beautiful and interesting routes to take to your destination.

Salt Creek Lick Road

This seventeen-mile road, located south of Franklin and just west of Johnson County Park, wasn’t mapped on Google Maps until very recently, believe it or not. This small, two-lane highway winds southwest towards Brown County State Park and provides a scenic view along with a fun and mildly challenging ride. When you come to the end of Salt Creek Lick Road, you’ll be just north of Brown County State Park, which is full of some of the best hiking trails in Indiana.

Morgan-Monroe Loop

Located just northeast of Bloomington, the Morgan-Monroe Loop passes through Martinsville, Morgan-Monroe State Forest, and skirts just north of Yellowwood State Forest. It’s the route you want to take if you crave some of the most beautiful scenery that Indiana has to offer. Once you complete the loop, you can swing by Bloomington and get something to eat, or take State Road 37 North to Indianapolis. Because the loop is sixty-one miles long you may want to take a break at some point. The small gas/convenience store in New Unionville is one of the better places to go for a pit stop.

West Central Indiana: Hwy 234 & Sugar Creek Canyon

This eighty-five mile loop is located west of Brownsburg. It stretches all the way out and around Shades State Park, Turkey Run State Park, and cuts right by Lake Waveland. If you need some food along the way, you can stop off in Crawfordsville, which is just north of the loop, or Rockville, which is just south. If you have the time, stop at the state parks and take in all of the beautiful landscapes and nature. This route can be great for a weekend camping trip.

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