Top Five Scenic Drives in and Around Indy

Brown County Indiana - Lonely road (2982441209) Basketball, the Indianapolis 500, and football are a few things that come to mind when thinking about Indianapolis. But there’s so much more to the city and its surrounding areas than that. People often overlook or forget about the natural beauty that can be found all over town. With the weather warming up, you’re probably itching to take leisurely drives with the windows rolled down and the music up. Whether you want an urban or rural environment, Indiana is a great place to take a scenic drive.

  1. Lockerbie Square: If you’re looking for a more urban environment for your drive, you should definitely check out Lockerbie Square, Indianapolis’s oldest surviving neighborhood. Architecture aficionados and people who just like to ogle cool houses will enjoy taking a tour of this neighborhood. Here, you’ll find Italianate, Federal, Queen Anne, and Victorian style homes and mansions. The juxtaposition of old and new is always a surreal experience as you drive through this neighborhood. Another great thing about Lockerbie Square is the fact that it is in the heart of the downtown area, so after your drive it’s easy to find a great restaurant, bar, or theater.
  2. Brown County: Brown County is located approximately an hour and a half south of Indianapolis and is known for its natural beauty. The soaring hills and immense forests are a must-see for anyone traveling through Central Indiana in the fall. While it’s certainly beautiful year-round, September and October are the highlights of the year. Make sure to check out Bean Blossom and Hesitation Point on your tour through the county. Ogle Lake lives up to its name: it boasts a view of magnificent leaves mixed with pleasant water. Try to make it there on a weekday if you plan on driving through Brown County State Park.
  3. Eagle Creek: Located off of 56th Street, Eagle Creek Park is an extremely convenient park to go to if you just need to get away from the city, but can’t go too far. Eagle Creek has everything you may need to enjoy a relaxing drive close to downtown Indianapolis. Eagle Creek is an amazing natural habitat for many of Indiana’s indigenous species. You may see (or hear) anything from woodpeckers to coyotes. There is also a gorgeous reservoir for your viewing pleasure. If you like to picnic, Eagle Creek has lots of places for you to pull over and have a relaxing lunch.
  4. Public Art Tour: In 2011, Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl and in preparation, the city commissioned many works of public art. You will see many of these pieces as you drive through the city. So, take a drive around Indianapolis and try to spot each of the 46 works of art. You can find each mural with this handy map.
  5. Crown Hill Cemetery: The Crown Hill Cemetery is located on the highest hill in Marion County. On most weekends from June through early October, the cemetery provides walking tours that can easily be modified into driving tours for a fee of $5.00. The themes of these tours vary from week to week and include the Indiana Heritage Tour; a tour of the famous graves of Indiana artists, actors, musicians, actors, and civil war generals to name a few. These tours typically last about an hour and are absolutely fascinating for anyone with the slightest interest in history.


Fill up the tank, choose some tunes, and get ready to roll. If you need an oil change before you hit the road, get a deal with these service coupons.  These drives display Indy at its finest, so see what the city has to offer from the comfort of your car, and learn more about your hometown. Share your travel suggestions with us in the comments.  Happy trails!

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