Ford F-150s: Raptor and Platinum


The Ford F-150 has been named Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year more years than any other vehicle in its class. In the 2013 lineup, Ford updated some features to make the vehicle even more competitive. Check out these high performance F-150 trims.

The Raptor SVT

The Raptor SVT is designed to deliver off-road performance that most pickups can only dream of. It is the rough-and-tumble brother in the 2013 F-150 lineup, able to reach high speeds over bumpy terrain. The Raptor does this with its 6.2-L V8 engine, which boasts an incredible 411 horsepower and a specially engineered suspension.

The Raptor’s exterior features—such as its custom grille and side mirror skull caps that match the body color—make it stand out in the F-150 lineup. But that doesn’t mean it’s all looks.

The Raptor works as hard as the people who drive it. It has the capability to take you far away from the pavement, and with its 110-volt plug, it can power the job when you finally get to it. The optional stowing bed extender makes sure that you have the room to transport whatever materials you need. Also, its standard clear lens dual beam halogen headlamps will light the way home.

Building a hunting stand way out on your property? Just throw your lumber and tools in back. The Raptor will make sure that you get there, get it done, and get back safely.


The F-150 Platinum trim is an amalgam of all the best F-150 features, with a few unique to itself. It has a great balance of functionality, power, and style, with features to boot. And as a crew cab, you can add roomy to that list, too.

Do you want power? Remember that the Platinum is not a trophy. It’s a true truck with three different engine choices: the 5.0-L V8 FFV, the 6.2-L V8 (like the Raptor), and the EcoBoost 3.5L V6 (for better gas mileage).

Do you want a truck with features galore? Then the Platinum is for you. It comes standard with power-deployable running boards that fold up while driving and out for a handy step when you park. Also, like the Raptor trim, it has a 110-volt plug.

Do you like chrome? The Platinum sure does. Its grille has a satin finish with a chrome mesh insert, and its handles are body color with a chrome strip. Even its side mirrors come with a chrome skull cap. The wheels come with 20-inch polished cast-aluminum rims, but you might want to chrome those, too.


For more information on these or other Ford truck models, contact a Hubler dealer in your neighborhood.

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