Why Service Your Car at a Dealership?

Whether you need a quick oil change or your car is in need of a pretty large Band-Aid, dealing with auto repair shops can be a bother. Unless you have a trusted mechanic, you usually can’t escape the feeling of being gypped when a mechanic tells you that your car needs a lot of work and needs it right now. At Hubler, we’re not like that. We operate our own, make-specific service and repair shops. In-house service shops are often overlooked by most people; they labor under the common misconception that with the car manufacturer’s logo, a heavy parts and labor fee is attached. But this isn’t always the case.


If anything, dealerships are great for parts when you need them quickly. In some cases, other shops may have to go on an exploratory search to find the right pieces for your car. Dealerships have connections with their car suppliers, making the whole process on both sides—for dealer and car buyer/owner—a smoother one.


Auto mechanics at most service shops have a lot of general expertise when it comes to identifying and fixing problems. On the other hand, technicians at make-specific repair shops are intimately acquainted with specific manufacturers, makes, and models, meaning your car receives expert attention. Any given car manufacturer will use similar parts and systems for their cars, giving their entire line-up a similar set of quirks and characteristics. Those who work with them every day get to know these quirks, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively. Chances are, they’ve probably worked on your model countless times and can fix it up blindfolded.


When all is said and done, it’s generally cheaper to get your car serviced or repaired at a dealership. As parts are easily obtained from the manufacturer, they are able to get them at a stock price, lowering the amount of money up-charged for them. Their keen understanding for the specific make’s line-up allows them to address the problem and fix it quicker, lowering the hourly charge, which, if it’s a big fix, can really keep the final bill as low as possible.

We don’t always like to brag, but when it comes to our service centers across our nine dealerships, we have a lot to offer. If you want to experience cheaper repair bills, expert fixes, and exceptional customer care, come see us at our dealership service shops today!

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