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Why Service Your Car at a Dealership?

Whether you need a quick oil change or your car is in need of a pretty large Band-Aid, dealing with auto repair shops can be a bother. Unless you have a trusted mechanic, you usually can’t escape the feeling of being gypped when a mechanic tells you that your car needs a lot of work […]


Recalls in the Auto Industry

Every once in a while you hear about recalls in the auto industry, and recently you’ve probably heard something about the GM recalls on some of their vehicle models. Recalls have an adverse effect on auto manufacturers, dealerships, and vehicle owners alike. For manufacturers, recalls mean expense, damaged reputation, and lost sales. Dealerships have to […]

Launch: The Pagentry of the Auto Industry

It used to be that your local dealership was full of surprises. You might drive past a lot and have something subtly catch the corner of your eye only to find out it’s a new car model. Intrigued, you would go home and do some research or stop into the dealership to learn more. These […]