What to Expect in a Car under $10,000

When you purchase a vehicle under $10,000, you’re probably buying a used vehicle that has more than a few miles on it. This means that your new-to-you vehicle may need some specific attention. Although it usually depends on the age of the car and how many miles the previous owner put on the vehicle, any […]

Why Should I Lease?

The moment you drive your new car off of the lot, it loses a lot of value. You spend more money on your car in maintenance, and those costs can mount over the years. Why should you have to deal with a depreciating asset? Why put money toward it for years? If you’ve wondered about […]

Finding the Right Car for Your Kids

- Guest contributor Brooke Hubler is the General Manager of Hubler Chevrolet in Indianapolis, Indiana.  As the third generation of the Hubler Automotive family, Brooke brings a lifetime of experience and a well-rounded education from Sarah Lawrence College to her dealership.  She helped launch the group’s online presence and continues to bring innovation to the 10 location Hubler […]

Negotiating for a Car, Part 1

Negotiating for a Car, Part 1 A car price is not set in stone. Yes, there is a price attached to every vehicle, but that price isn’t a frozen figure. When you’re planning to purchase a car, consider the price of the vehicle, what you think it’s worth, and what you’re willing to pay. Often, […]