Negotiating for a Car, Part 1

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A car price is not set in stone. Yes, there is a price attached to every vehicle, but that price isn’t a frozen figure. When you’re planning to purchase a car, consider the price of the vehicle, what you think it’s worth, and what you’re willing to pay. Often, deals can be made with dealerships when you’re considering buying a car from them.

Why Can I Negotiate for a Car?

This is a simple question with a simple answer. Many people may be under the impression that it’s bad form to negotiate a car price, but this isn’t the case. Purchasing a car is a huge financial decision with many responsibilities.

In Order to Negotiate at the Dealership, What Information Do I Need?

When you’ve decided on a car and a price that may differ from the dealership’s posting, it’s important that you know how to properly negotiate for your best price. The best way to be prepared for the dealership is to come with information that can help you get your price. Browse online and research the same make and model for listed prices. Also, consider consulting Kelley Blue Book for pricing. If you find that the car you are interested in is priced too high, bring in sources that show lower prices for the same model.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Deal?

Getting the best deal isn’t always about whether you can negotiate a price down or not. The best deals can come in the forms of payment options, money-down payments, interest fees, or in the type of car. Most models have a standard version as well as other, more extensive versions. When you’re shopping around for a new car, do your research. Know what the best deals are for the specific model you’re interested in by gathering information from several sources (internet, various car lots, testimonies). Of course, when it comes down to it, if you aren’t happy with the deal, begin the negotiation process, and don’t settle for anything less than what you think is fair.

What Can I Do to Have a Great Dealership Experience?

You want your experience at any dealership to be a good one. You can help make sure you have a great experience by being prepared to discuss your interests thoroughly with the salesperson. This means knowing what you are looking for out of a car, knowing your price range, and being knowledgeable about the makes and models you’re looking at. Come to the lot with documentation in order to negotiate. When you find a car at the dealership that has piqued your interest, flag down a salesperson and begin the process of gathering more information on the individual car itself. Be friendly, even though it’s a serious business transaction, your cooperation with the dealership may take you further than you expect.

What are your experiences with car negotiating? Share in the section below!

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