Top Ten Best Car Names Ever

Car manufacturers spend plenty of time and money trying to perfect every aspect of their new vehicles. The name of the vehicle is one of the first things that a customer is going to hear, and it has to be appealing in some way. Here are the top ten best car names ever.

Dodge Viper

When Dodge first produced this serious performance car in the early 1990s, they didn’t have anything close to this type of vehicle. Now the Dodge Viper is known as one of the fastest, meanest-looking vehicles on the road, and the name perfectly suits it.

Shelby Cobra

Although Ford now uses this name on some of their higher end Mustangs, the original Cobra was no Mustang. It was its own high performance car. The car’s aggressive nature meant it needed an aggressive name, and Cobra fits it well.

Ford Mustang

Ford picked perhaps the greatest name they could for their pony car. Mustang brings about the idea of freedom and unbridled power. This is exactly what many drivers of the Mustang are looking for.

Ford Raptor

This high performance version of the F-150 pickup truck can tear through terrain like the dinosaur it evokes.

Chevy Camaro

There are several different meanings for the word Camaro or words similar to Camaro, but in the end it just sounds cool, and that’s what Chevy wanted.

Chevy Corvette

The word Corvette is the term used for a small warship, which isn’t too far off from what the Corvette is all about.

Dodge Charger

The name Charger works well with the vehicle that was in one of the most iconic chase scenes in movie history. In the movie Bullitt, with Steve McQueen, two assassins charge through San Francisco in this vehicle.

Dodge Challenger

The name of this car makes you want to race everyone you see, and the original vehicle had the muscle to do it.

Porsche Carrera

A beautiful and fast car with a perfect name, this Porsche took on the Spanish word that means to run at full speed or race.

Volkswagen Beetle

If you look at a Volkswagen Beetle, all you can think of is a bug. The name fits the car so well that anything else sounds absurd.

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