Weighing Your Options: How Do You Know When to Get a New Car?

Sometimes, you get a clunker. There’s really nothing you can do about it. Fate has a way with taking cars in one direction (junkyard) or the other (runs for years running only on fumes and hope). While you may have bought a car that was in tip-top shape, you may also find that it just can’t keep up with the everyday demands of life, and you’re putting a lot more money into keeping it together than you want. When the clunker you purchased begins to really cost you a pretty penny, you might be caught in the difficult decision to either junk it and get a new one, or fix it up and hope it will last.

When It’s Totaled

If your repairs are getting close to the amount that you paid for the car, it’s essentially becoming totaled. This means that you’re putting as much, if not more, into fixing it than you paid for it altogether. When this happens, the typical thing to do is trade it in—or sell it for parts—and start with a new vehicle. But this isn’t always easy to do. If you’re not ready to or capable of putting money down and flipping a monthly payment for a newer car, you may find that following through with the fixes is worth it for you. In the case that you’re confronted with a large fix, but you don’t know if you have the money to start new, it might be worth having a mechanic perform a thorough inspection to see what is wrong with the car. They’ll be able to give you a decent run-down and even be able to tell whether the car is worth saving or not. In the worst case scenario, you might want to consider a more affordable car. This can mean downgrading slightly, but if it means staying afloat financially for a year or two until you can afford a new car, then it may be worth it.

When It’s Time to Consider All the Options

If you’ve been given some bad news and the bandage is going to cost you a big penny, then it may be time to start looking around at what’s available nearby. A lot of dealerships, like Hubler Auto, have great deals on new and used cars and can likely get you into a plan that fits your needs and capabilities. Hubler works with over 40 loan vendors, which means we can get almost anyone into a great financing plan. Before you decide to patch up the clunker, take a look around at what’s available, because you might not be aware of what’s out there for you.

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