What’s That Sound?

Problems with your vehicle seldom come out of nowhere. Usually, there’s some kind of warning, which can come in the form of a sound or sounds. Although it can be hard to identify what’s wrong just by the sound, keep your ears open for particular noises. If you hear any of the following sounds in your car, get your vehicle to a mechanic.

Grinding or Rubbing Noise When Turning

If you hear anything unusual while turning, it’s time to take your car in. Most of the time you will hear a rubbing or grinding noise, but it could be a squeak or squeal. Either way, you need to get your car inspected. Steering components may just need to be lubricated, or they may be damaged.

Clunking or Grinding Noise When Braking

Most of the time if you hear a clunking noise when braking, it means something’s wrong with your brake calipers. If you hear a grinding noise, you need new brake pads. If you ignore either of these warning signs, not only will you have to eventually pay for additional parts, but it could also lead to a dangerous situation.

A Sizzle or Hiss Under the Hood

If there’s a loud hiss or sizzle that sounds like it’s coming from underneath your hood, you probably have a leaky hose or vacuum line. The leak can lead to insufficient engine fluids, and that can cause irreparable damage to your engine.

Tapping or Clicking in the Engine Compartment

Most often, this is a sign that the engine needs oil. If you hear this noise, get some oil and add it to your engine. Then take your car in and have it checked for an oil leak.

Squealing or Chirping

A squealing or chirping noise is often traced to the belts. This is not always a major concern right away. However, if something were to go wrong, like the belt breaking, you could spend a lot of money to get your vehicle running again.

Rattling Noise Beneath the Vehicle

Sometime a rattling noise comes from a loose exhaust connector. And sometimes the entire exhaust is loose. If you take it into the shop and the mechanic says it’s not your exhaust, have them look at the brake pads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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