Cool Cars That Are Overseas (And Should Be Here)

Vehicle manufacturers produce several different models and vehicle packages all over the world. The reason they tweak their offerings is to best fit the people and customs of each country they sell in. However, some of those tweaks would look pretty cool rolling down an American highway. Here are five cars sold outside of the U.S. that we’d like to see out on the streets.

Holden VE UTE

This car is sold by Holden, which is a subsidiary of General Motors, in Australia. The car looks similar to the no longer produced Chevy El Camino. The car body, truck bed, and sporty performance, paired with a beefy engine, make the Holden VE UTE a sweet ride.

Alfa Romeo 4C

This mean-looking Italian ride has got to be one of the more fun cars out there to drive. The designers decided to make the car as light as possible so it could be one of the most agile cars on the road. After minimizing the weight as much as possible, they packed a four-cylinder 240 horsepower engine under the hood. This car is capable of reaching 100km/h, or roughly 62 mph, in 4.5 seconds.

Land Rover Defender

This vehicle is frequently used in almost every part of the world, except for the US. This Land Rover isn’t extremely luxurious or fast, but it has a near silly amount of torque, which allows it to travel over practically any terrain. Although the roads are smooth in most areas of the US, the Land Rover Defender would be great for anyone who lived in an area of the US that gets plenty of snow or deals with unpaved roads.

Volkswagen Amarok

This truck—yes, a Volkswagen truck—puts together everything people love about Volkswagen vehicles, like reliability, practicality, and a smart design, into a beautiful pickup truck that has a beasty diesel engine paired with an eight-speed automatic or manual transmission. This truck is right up there with any American truck.

Ford Ranger

Unfortunately for American consumers, Ford has phased out their small pickup truck, the Ranger. While Americans are no longer able to buy this truck, customers in almost every other country that Ford sells to can buy a brand new, redesigned Ranger. Ford should bring a few of these little pickups back to the states.

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