The Worst Car Decals

The world of custom cars is expansive and rich with variety. While custom car jobs can cost a pretty penny, there are some people out there that take adding a little vehicle personalization into their own hands. Sometimes this can work out for the better, but in a lot of cases it ends up worse than before. This is especially true of some certain Do It Yourself decals out there. While we haven’t got every single case of unnerving decal work, here are three decal set-ups that really grind our gears.

Spray Paint

Under no circumstances is spray paint acceptable. Well, okay, maybe if you use PlastiDip. Anyway. Counting the number of times a day we see the splotchy, uneven spray paint jobs is enough to make us cry. We understand that after a long life, cars start to peel and scratch and rust, but those battle scars look a heck of a lot better than matte black paint drips on the side of a car.

Calvin Peeing Decals

These are everywhere, and they’ve become a trending customizable decal that has made it to the backs of millions of pick-up trucks around the globe. Originating from the Bill Watterson comic series Calvin and Hobbes, these wildly popular and inappropriate decals depict the spiky-haired comic book character, Calvin, with his backside out, jeans down, and peeing. People have taken this image and put an image or phrase underneath the pee stream, which is why it’s on our list of the worst kinds of car decals. It’s not uncommon to see a Calvin with a cowboy hat and the phrase ‘city boys’ under the stream, or for a Chicago Bears fan to have the Green Bay Packers’ logo under it. While some variations have tried to subdue the negativity that this decal suggests, it still remains seen as an unnecessarily rude decal.

Off-Center Stickers

It doesn’t matter where they’re located—rear or front windshields, bumpers—whenever we see an off-center sticker, it makes us cringe. If you’re one of the culprits with an unforgiveable sticker, you should at least make sure it’s centered. Some folks think they can get away with this by patching their entire rear bumper with a number of stickers. It doesn’t make it any better, and it’s actually rather distracting. There’s really nothing worse than window decals that you’ve applied yourself with by simply eyeing the center and sticking. When you’ve gotten it wrong, you’ve not only wasted your money, but you’ve also made the car look worse instead of better.

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