2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Audio System without Navigation (if so equipped)

If your vehicle is not equipped with this audio system, please see your Owner’s Manual for more information.

Press the center of the POWER/VOLUME control to turn your system ON. Turn the OUTSIDE RING to adjust volume.

Your radio will play FM and AM stations. Press the FM/AM button to toggle between the AM radio band, the FM1 or FM2. You’ll see your choice on the display.
To manually tune your radio, press the RIGHT or LEFT arrow on the TUNE button, allowing station navigation. Holding down this button will quickly move through the channels.

If you are playing a CD, press and hold this button to fast-forward or rewind the CD.

To tune and stop at the next broadcast station, press the SEEK button RIGHT or LEFT arrows for less than one and a half seconds.

If playing a CD, press this button to skip from one track to another. Press the RIGHT arrow to advance to the next track. Press the LEFT arrow and the current track will restart. Press either arrow several times to skip forward or backward through several tracks.

You can store any combination of up to 6 AM and 12 FM radio stations on these select buttons. First select a radio band by pressing the FM/AM button. Now tune the radio to the desired station. Once you have reached the station you would like to store in memory, press and hold one of the preset buttons, one through six until a beep sounds, indicating that station has been set in memory.

To play a stored station, select the correct radio band, then press the corresponding preset button, one through six.

To load a CD, the ignition must be at ACC or ON. Carefully insert the disc into the slot with the label side up. The CD will automatically be pulled into the slot and start to play. While playing the radio, if you want to change to CD play, press the CD button. The current disc will start to play.

To eject the CD, press the EJECT button.

Press the REPEAT button to repeat one track or the entire CD and the RANDOM button to randomly play tracks from the loaded disc. These features can also change the play pattern of MP3 discs.

Press the MENU button to change audio settings and adjust features such as: bass, treble, fade, balance and clock. Simply press the MENU button repeatedly until the effect you want to adjust appears on the display. Then press the TUNE button left or right to adjust to the desired level. Once you have finished adjusting the feature, press the MENU button repeatedly until the audio mode is displayed.

There is an auxiliary input jack and AUXILIARY button located on the front of your audio system. The jack accepts any standard analog input device, such as; a cassette tape player, CD player, MP3 player or laptop computer. After plugging in a device, press the AUXILIARY button to begin play.

Press the center of the POWER button to turn the system OFF.

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