2013 NISSAN Xterra – Steering Wheel Audio Controls

The steering wheel audio controls are located on the left side of the steering wheel. With the ignition switch in the ACC or ON position, push the MODE select switch to turn the audio system on.

This is the Volume control switch. Push UP to increase the volume and DOWN to decrease volume.

For vehicles with the Navigation system, push the MODE select switch to change the mode in the following sequence:
• AM,
• FM1, FM2,
• XM1, XM2, XM3 (satellite radio if so equipped),
• CD, USB/iPod®, Bluetooth Audio, and AUX if these are being used, and
• then back to AM.

Pushing the TUNING switch up or down for LESS than 1.5 seconds will increase or decrease the track number in the following modes:
• CD
• iPOD®
• USB and
• Bluetooth audio

When in the Sirius XM Satellite or FM/AM radio modes, the same action, pushing the tuning switch up or down LESS than 1.5 seconds moves the radio up or down to the next PRESET channel or station.

Pushing the tuning switch up or down for MORE than 1.5 seconds causes the radio to seek the next available station while in FM/AM radio mode. If in the SiriusXM Satellite mode, it will display the next or previous CATEGORY.

When playing a compressed audio or USB file, this action increases or decreases the folder number.

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