2013 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van – Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone with Navi – Text Messaging

You can send and receive text messages through the vehicle interface using a compatible device. Text messages are only displayed when your vehicle speed is less than 5 miles per hour.
Using predefined or custom messages, you can send a text to a name, phone number or previous incoming, outgoing or missed call stored in your Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System.
• To send a text, push the PHONE/SEND switch on the steering wheel and say “Send Text.
o The system will provide a list of commands in order to determine the recipient of the text message.
o After the recipient is chosen, the system prompts you to select a message to send. You can choose from the 5 predefined messages or create up to 3 of your own.
• To read a received text message, push the PHONE/SEND switch on the steering wheel and say “Read Text.”
o The text message, sender and delivery time are shown on the screen.
o Press the PHONE/END button on the steering wheel to exit the text message screen.
• To enable or disable Text messaging:
o Press the MENU button.
o Select the SETTINGS key.
o Press the PHONE and BLUETOOTH® key.
o Select the PHONE SETTINGS key.
o Then press the TEXT MESSAGING key to toggle text messaging ON or OFF.

Laws in some communities may restrict the use of text messaging. Check local regulations before using this feature.

See your Owner’s Manual and phone manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual for more information on the text-messaging feature.

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