2013 NISSAN Xterra – Folding the Front Passenger’s Seatback Flat (if so equipped)

For extra storage length, the front passenger’s seat can be folded flat. First, slide the seat to its rear-most position and lift up on the recline lever located on the outside of the seat. Then, fold the seatback forward as far as it will go. You’ll then lift up on this latch on the upper corner of the seatback. This releases the back of the seat, so you can fold the seatback flat over the seat cushion.

Make sure all cargo is properly secured and not near an air bag. When its need for storage is finished, lift up on the seatback and push it upright. Then pull up on the recline lever and lean the seatback to the desired position. Release the recline lever and the seatback will lock in place.

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