2013 NISSAN Xterra – Folding Rear Seats

Here’s how to fold the second-row bench seat flat to create added cargo space. First, disconnect the center seat belt. Release the shoulder strap from its buckle by inserting a key into the slot on the side of the buckle. Be sure to hold the belt as you release it.

Then retract the strap into the roof and secure it in the holder. Then secure the outboard seatbelts in these hooks located on the door pillars.

Now, remove the head restraints by pressing and holding this button. Then, pull up until the head restraint is released from the seatback. Be sure to securely store the head restraints to prevent them from causing injury to passengers or damage to the vehicle in case of sudden braking or an accident.

Find this strap on the center of each seat cushion, and pull it to fold the seat cushions toward the front of the vehicle. Then pull the straps on the outside edge of each seatback and fold them forward. You’ll now have a level cargo floor.

To return the bench seats to the seating position, simply reverse this process. Raise the seatbacks upright. Be sure the seat belts remain above the seat cushion, then push the seat cushion down into place.

When you return the rear seats to the vertical position, be sure to reset the head restraints and seat belts. To reset the head restraints, insert the posts into the seatback while pressing this button. Then, push down until they reach the original position. Then ensure the seat is locked into position.

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