2013 NISSAN Xterra – Voice Recognition (if so equipped)

The NISSAN Voice Recognition system allows hands-free operation of the systems equipped on this vehicle, such as the phone and navigation systems. To operate NISSAN Voice Recognition, press the PHONE/SEND button located on the steering wheel. When prompted, speak the command for the system you wish to activate. The command given is picked up by the microphone and performed when it is properly recognized. NISSAN Voice Recognition will provide a voice response as well as a message in the center display to inform you of the command results.

When the ignition switch is in the ON position, NISSAN Voice Recognition is initialized, which takes a few seconds. When completed, the system is ready to accept voice commands. If the button is pressed before the initialization completes, the system will announce: “Voice Recognition System not ready. Please wait.”

After initialization when the system is ready, press the PHONE/SEND button. The system responds by saying, Please say a command. And a list of available commands is spoken by the voice recognition system.

After the tone sounds and the face icon on the display changes, speak a command such as AUDIO. Remember, you can also press the PHONE/SEND button at any time to skip or interrupt prompts and speak a command immediately. When the command is accepted, voice and display feedback are provided.

If the command is not recognized, the system announces: “Command not recognized.” When this happens, repeat the command in a clear voice.

If you want to cancel the command or go back to the previous menu of commands, press the PHONE/END button on the steering wheel. The system will announce “Voice recognition canceled” or “Go back” depending on the current menu level. You can also, press the BACK button to move back through the menus displayed on the screen.

If you want to adjust the volume of the voice feedback, use the volume control switches on the steering wheel or the volume knob on the control panel.

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