2014 Compact Cars

Whether you’re trying to fit more comfortably in a large city or you’re simply trying to save more on fuel, consider the line-up of compact cars for 2014. There’s some impressive options that showcase the creativity car companies are using to make parking easier and fuel-use more efficient. Plus, these cars look fantastic.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevy wowed urban driving in 2013 when it released the first model of the Spark—it was named Coolest New Car under $18,000 for 2013 by Kelley Blue Book—and the 2014 model continues where the Spark started. Style and efficiency: one look at this car and you understand the hype. With a host of flashy color options and a hip hatchback design, this car drives great in cities and highways alike. The car is made with both a manual transmission as well as an automatic. Check your dealership today.

Mazda 2

Reviewers and test drivers alike think Mazda’s compact car option, the Mazda 2, is a blast to drive with its good handling and high visibility. This car offers great gas mileage and its smaller engine makes city-driving a breeze. While the car can come as an automatic with four gears, most drivers agree that the better option is the five-speed manual transmission.

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta only offers 120 horsepower, but that’s plenty of power to send this car racing around tight corners, maintaining absolute control. That’s what test drivers like about this car: its incredible control. The 2014 version now offers a chrome grill as well as a rearview camera and parking sensors. There is also a wide variety of color choices—ten, total—and you can mix and match these with ten interior options. Ford has stepped up to the plate with this car, and we’re excited to see more of these Fiestas on the road in the near future.

While you might be a lover of big cars and think that compact cars don’t offer enough space, you might just change your mind after test-driving one of these options. There’s more space than you might think.

What other compact cars look impressive for 2014? Let us know what you’re driving and why. 

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