2014 Full-Size Sedans

This year’s new models of full-sized sedans have everything you could ask for in a bigger vehicle—including power, speed, and room—without sacrificing much in the way of fuel efficiency. Here is a list of several of our favorites to look for in 2014. We’ll show you the specific upgrades from last year’s models to this year’s, along with a few comparisons between vehicles.

Chevrolet Impala

There’s a lot to like about the 2014 model of the iconic Impala, including an aerodynamic design and improvements on fuel economy. This year’s model offers three choices of engines—from 28mpg to 35—allowing you to choose the amount of power you’d like. And not only has the car seen improvements on speed and fuel efficiency, but this year’s Impala also has impeccable safety design, with a total of 10 airbags and more high-strength steel than the 2013 design. This is sure to impress.

Ford Fusion

With S, SE, and Titanium models—as well as hybrids—the Ford Fusion is another great car to put on the road in 2014 and beyond. In particular, it’s the Ford Focus Hybrid that we’ve got our eye on. A combination of gas and electric, the EPA estimated it can get 47 miles per gallon, and the car can go 64 miles on electric power alone. Add a hip LED illuminated charge gauge that allows you to know how much more charging the car requires, and we’re already falling head over heels.

Nissan Altima

The main update from the 2013 model to the 2014 model of this car is the updated NissanConnect system, which connects with Android and iPhone devices. This will allow the driver to connect to Google search and Facebook, navigation devices, and SiriusXM radio, among other features. And while this model is receiving attention for a price increase from 2013, the difference is only about $100 more.


With U.S. News ranking the 2014 Mazda6 as the #4 affordable mid-size car, consider this one while looking at sedans, especially if you’re interested in manual transmission. Reviewers have said the upgraded stick design allows for smooth, precise gear changes. The four-cylinder engine does a great job of powering the vehicle, keeping the mile-per-gallon rate near 25/38.

Acura TL

If you’re looking for a combination of sport and spaciousness, luxury and speed, this sleek-looking car is a great option. With a 3.7 liter V-6 engine, the TL offers the get-up-and-go you like, as well as the option of a six-speed manual transmission. Be sure to also check out the Tech Package that includes live traffic and weather updates as well as a rearview camera.

Be sure to check out all these cars and more at Hubler, at any of their dealership locations or on the web. What are other sedans you’re looking at for 2014? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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